Craps is a very popular casino game. It is basically a dice game which is very exciting when played in offline casinos but is also a popular online game. The game involves the players to shout and yell at the gambling table placing about a hundred different kinds of bets. Craps is played with two dice on a table specially built for the game. The two dice that are used are designed and manufactured on certain standards. They undergo regular inspection to check if the dice have undergone any damage. A routine check would help reduce the damage and increase the durability of the dice. A new set of dice are used after the existing dice have been used for a period of 8 hours. All the players are instructed to handle the dice with care.

As in every game, there are certain rules and instructions regarding the handling of the dice and how craps is played. The table consists of basically four people who run the game. A boxman, stickman and two dealers on either side of the table consist of the casino crew. When the dice is thrown it is to be handled by a single hand and it must hit the walls on the table’s opposite end. The throwing of the dice is inspected by the stickman before every shooter has a go at rolling the dice. The table can accommodate 20 players who can throw the dice in his/her turn. A bet will be placed on the thrower by another player who doesn’t wish to throw and usually there are a number of bets placed around the table. The players place bet on the numbers that are shown from rolling the dice.

A new game starts when an initial betting round called the Come Out roll is made. When the winning roll of the previous thrower is in vain, a Come Out roll is made. This implies that the shooter has failed to make a Point or Seven Out. The subsequent shooter starts a new game and if he/she is not able to make a point then a new Come Out roll is made.  The player who is to the left of the current shooter will be the new shooter. Thus the game progresses in a clockwise fashion around the Craps table.

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Becoming a pro at No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker means that you would be making a living out of playing poker. It might sound great but there are some things that need to be thought about. Playing pro is a full time thing so you’ll want to treat it with the seriousness that you’d give any other job.

It is has been predicted that only 10% of poker players are as good as they think they are. Make sure you are not overestimating your skills before you decide to turn pro as there is a lot that you can lose.

Playing for fun is alright. But when it comes to turning pro, it becomes more than something you do for fun. It becomes a full time activity and you need to give it your best every time. You can’t afford to lose as much and the situation is more serious if you have a family dependant on you and other commitments. You will also need to play according to a schedule and it no longer is a leisure activity which might take out all the fun.

But then again, if you do not have any commitments and are quite young, which is the best time to try out going pro at poker as you can afford to make mistakes, than go ahead. Since you still have plenty of time to try out new things, than its safe to play within a limit, but do make sure you have backup options to pay for necessities.

Things like strict internet gambling regulations, alleged cheating on gambling sites and general loss of interest among amateur players have left none but the toughest for you to play against, making things harder for you.

Whichever poker game you choose to play, it is best to know more about it than the other players. If you are good at a game, you may be asked to join high stake games where you will have to display an array of poker skills, so knowledge can come in handy.

Be honest with yourself, be disciplined. Keep a record of the games you’ve played, the ones you’ve lost and the ones you’ve won. If you’ve won quite a few, then it’s safe to try going pro.

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The Casino Control Commission granted permission to Rock Ohio Caesers to open the states first casino, Horseshoe Casino, in Cleveland 2 weeks before it was scheduled to open to the public. The new casino will have 100,000-square-foot gambling floor with 2,100 slot machines, 63 table games and 30 poker tables and will employ around 1,600 people. Though open, it will be under the control of the Commission. It is required to be open for a day to invited guests before it officially opens to the public on May 14. A management license was also granted to Cleveland based Horseshoe Management Company LLC that manages Cleveland Casino, Cincinnati.

The decision came after a report by Spectrum Gaming Group talked about Rock Ohio Casers’ financial stability. It highlighted that Caesars Entertainment Corporation be allowed to open Rock Ohio Caesers and that its financial success complimented Rock Ohio Ventures’. It also stated that the Caesars Entertainment Corporation held a 20% stake in Rock Ohio Caesers and had billions in debt and that the Commission should continue to monitor it.

4 other casinos are set to open in Ohio by 2009, with Caesers being the first. Another casino managed by Rock Ohio Caesers is set to open next spring. Part of the revenue from the casino will be spent on nearby public schools and support programs like those dealing with gambling addiction. Penn National Gaming will open its Toledo casino a few weeks after Horseshoe Casino Cleveland and its Hollywood Casino Columbus in the fall.

At a commission in April, company officials defended Caesar Entertainment Corporations efforts at alleviating its debt. A report was also made of Daniel Gilbert, majority stake holder in the company. It questioned a $60,000 loan that he gave to Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. It was quoted that Gilbert, who was never penalized for it, called it bad judgment. Also talked about were casino control measures, security measures and hiring strategies. A presentation was also made by Penn officials on its plans for the Toledo casino. A decision is to be made on Penn’s operating license on May 9.

The Occupational Health and Safety Department withdrew references and reduced fines on Wednesday for 2 construction companies that were involved in site accidents that injured 2 workers in Cincinnati, a floor collapse that hurt a dozen workers in January and a garage collapse in December, no one was hurt.


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A bill recently passed in St. Paul, Minnesota gave approval for tribal casino members around the state to add card tables, increase betting limits and broadcast horse races. The bill was passed in the House 2 days after it was passed in the Senate and will now be sent to Governor Mark Dayton for approval.

The bill will raise the betting limit of the places from $60 to $100 and raise the number of card tables per site from 60 to 80. Other games like Blackjack would see players betting against the house as opposed to betting against each other and the house taking a part of the winnings, as was done in the past.

The bill will also allow broadcasting and wagering at tribal casinos, Shakopee and Columbus, over which the State has less power but it is unclear if tribes would take advantage of the change. Furthermore, the tribes might not be willing to share their revenue with the State, said John McCarthy, executive director of the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association.

The tribes and the track owners have always been at logger heads with each other when it came to getting slot machines at track sites, especially at Canterbury Park, Shakopee, which the tribal casinos have had exclusive rights to.

The bill has seen a wave of disapproval in the state and in history. The Minnesota Supreme Court in 1992 annulled a bill that legalized off-track betting on racing. In 1994, voters moved the Supreme Court to prohibit off-track betting.

Doubts over where the proceeds from the changes will go are abundant. Supporters of the bill say that the money they make will be invested in horse racing again which in turn would boost the states equine industry. Rep. Kelby Woodard, R-Belle Plainetold belittled the move by telling members that what they were voting for was to further expand an expanding business. Lawmakers argued that it was unclear as to who would gain from the changes. Those against gambling called it a move that was allowing the expansion of the industry by adding more games, tables and increasing bets.

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Paying a good game of Craps will have to involve both strategy and bankroll management. Here is a brief explanation of both:

The most important thing to remember in optimal strategy techniques is that you don’t play the ‘don’t come’ or ‘don’t pass’ bet. Instead, play pass or come bets that give you an edge. An edge is measured by the odds stacked against the player or the house. You need to consider the house edge first. When it comes to pass or come bets, the odds need to be stacked against the house to minimize your loss. While making pass bets, support them by making odd bets. Make place number bets on 6 and 8. These are bets placed on 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 and you win if any of these numbers come up before 7 on the die.

When it comes to the don’t come or don’t pass bets, the house edge is lower than that of the pass bets. This is because the houses odds are related to your bet taking odds. So these bets should preferably be taken by big players. An experienced player taking a don’t pass bet, lessens the house edge. All of this shows that the best way to play craps is to be able to analyze the house edge.

Craps happens to be the only game where the house edge is quite low and if you lose, you lose only 0.1% of your investment and the house will just take the 0.1%.

Then there is Bankroll Management. You need to learn to spend wisely and stick with a strategy. Set a limit before you start playing and once you reach that, stop. Don’t try to break even because that might put you in even deeper debt.

Though it might be hard to quite when you’re winning, get out while you’re still ahead. You might have an edge right now but in the long run, the house will gain edge.

Do not be swayed by the crowd and noise around you, stay calm and try to make rational decisions. Don’t let them talk you into taking bigger bets. The important thing to remember is to that you need to go home with money, even if you’ve faced losses continuously.

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One of the most original versions of Poker is 7 Card Stud Poker. It’s played with 2 to 8 people with a standard 52 pack card. Each player gets 7 cards, 3 dark ones and 4 visual. Here, all 7 of them are unique unlike in other poker games. The winner is the one who makes the best 5 card combination from the 7 cards they are dealt. There are 7 rules to playing 7 Card Stud Poker.

The first one is that all the players need to make a bet that does not add to subsequent betting, called Ante. It’s paid at the start of the game and guarantees money to players who take the hand. The ante is usually 20% of the low limit bet size. It runs parallel with the stakes you intend to put at risk.

Next, players are dealt with 2 private down cards and 1 face up card starting from the left of the dealer. The one with lowest facing up, bets first. This bet is usually 50% of the small bet in the game. In the event of a tie, suits in the order of spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs is followed. The first round of betting, called 3rd street is where each player has their own choice of folding, calling or raising. The game proceeds in the clockwise direction.

Another round of betting follows the person to whom the highest face card has been dealt called 4th street. The highest limit is set but a player can double bet if he/she gets a pair. The game goes on again till the bets are matched.

Bets are made again and another face up card is dealt to the players, but now, they have to equal to the highest limit set in the 4th street. The same is repeated in the 6th street.

In the final round, a dark card called river card is dealt to the remaining players. Bets are matched, with the person with the best open cards initiating the betting. Each player can now check, call, hold or fold. After this, players enter the showdown.

In the showdown, the last better opens their cards. This continues clockwise with each player either having the option to show them, muck them, or fold if they don’t think they stand a chance. The winner is the player with the strongest 5 card combination.

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In a move that is worth $2.1 billion (16 billion Hong Kong dollars), Hong Kong based Galaxy Entertainment Group, which already has a lead in the market with $12 billion, plans to expand its Galaxy Macau gambling complex situated in Cotai district, which will add 500 gambling tables, 1000 slot machines, 2 new hotels, more restaurants and shops, bringing the total floor space at the casino to 1 million square meters (10,763 sq. ft). The Macau casino currently occupies 25% of the allotted space and the new casinos will double its size. Macau is said to be worlds biggest gambling market.

Work on the 2nd phase of the casino has begun already and expansion is expected to end in 2015. The project will be completely funded by the group and shares will not be issued to the public.

The move was made public 2 weeks after Sheldon Adleson opened the Sands Cotai Central casino, a short distance away from Galaxy Macau. It also comes in light of the end of the Chinese governments’ stronghold over gambling in the country which it relinquished in 2002. The move let in other gambling giants like MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts Ltd. and Las Vegas Sands Corp. Macau saw a 42% increase in gambling revenues to $33.5 billion last year, which is 5 times the revenue that casinos on the Las Vegas strip make, and more recently, a 27% increase 3 months into 2012.

Macau’s main source of income is from high rollers from Mainland China. The government intends to expand its source of income by creating non-gambling attractions to attract more people who are just looking for a vacation, Galaxy Chairman Lui Che-woo was reported saying. Macau already has an artificial beach and a wave pool.

The expansion will also benefit other casinos in Cotai who will see visitors pouring in for shopping and other attractions that are absent in the Macau peninsula, experts feel. This will also need improvements in transportation facilities to and from mainland China and Hong Kong which will boost the mass market.

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The strategy for playing Caribbean Hold ‘em is a bit more complicated than other casino games. Unfortunately, no simple rules have been formed yet to make things easier but there are a few things you can follow to increase your chances of winning.

One of the best things you can do is to raise as much as possible though what usually happens in other games is that you fold majority of the time. Though you might not win, this will lessen your loss. Look at the board to decide which hand to fold. Remember to use your best judgment. If you don’t think you have a good shot at winning, don’t call.

Here are some tips for beginners that are easy to remember. Playing by these rules reduces the houses advantage by 2 – 3%.

  1. Always raise with a pair or better
  2. Raise if your hole cards outrank at least two cards on the flop
  3. Raise with all flush draws (four to a flush)
  4. Raise with all open-ended straight draws (ex – you have TJ and the board is showing 289)
  5. When you have two low cards in the hole and no straight or flush draws, fold.
  6. Always remember that you should fold only the bottom 18% of your hands.


Bankroll management is an important part of all casino games. It’s when you play within certain limits that save you from losing all your money because of a bad card run. In a game like Poker where it’s possible to consistently lose money, bankroll management can save you from going broke.

How much risk you can bear decides the size of your bet. It would be wise to keep your bets small compared to the size of your gaming bankroll, 1- 5% of the size of your bankroll. If you don’t mind blowing up some money, it doesn’t matter how much you bet. But if you intend to play for a while and play seriously, it would be wise to lower your bets even further.

Caribbean Hold’em allows you to place optional bets for a dollar, called the Jackpot Wager. The house has a high advantage so avoid making this bet to lower the houses advantage. Only make it if you think you can win a lot of money. But do remember that this bet can add up if you place it in every hand.

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