Card Counting Discreetly

If you ever thought of card counting in Blackjack in a casino, here are some ways of doing it discreetly. It is well known that casino managers and pit bosses are always on the look out for characteristics that card counters exhibit. Avoid mentioning ‘card counting’ at all as any mention of it attracts attention and arouses suspicion.

Card counters tend to have blank faces and are not aware of what is happening around them as they are too absorbed in the game. This is one of the tell tale signs of card counting and is sure to rouse suspicion. With practice it is possible that a person can act normal while still focusing on the game.

Another sign is when a player starts drastically increasing his/her bet. The management could have computers installed to monitor increases in bets. To not alert the machine, the player can follow the money-management system where the player can vary bets. Saying out loud that you just got lucky or that the move was on a hunch could throw off suspicion.

Car counters leave the table when it gets cold and play at another. When a table gets cold, stay and play a hand for a lower wager and lose little money to avoid attention.

Casinos tend to spoil their customers with alcohol as they think a player who can’t think straight will spend more money which would more than make up for the drinks. A card counter wanting to remain alert would avoid such drinks preferring something non-alcoholic. This could also be a tell tale sign of card counting. Instead of avoiding drinks altogether, it is best if the player knows his/her alcohol level and drinks accordingly without having to lose attentiveness.

Always remember to tip the dealer. The profit that a card counter makes is marginal so important that he/she does not bother to tip. For a dealer who’s income depends on tips, it would be counted as being rude and the dealer would not hesitate to report the player in case of suspicious behavior.

No matter your efforts, you will eventually be identified as a card counter. In that case, you can act offended. If the pit boss for example continues to accuse you, deny it outright and try to leave without making a scene as a scene could mean that people will remember you the next time you walk in. Pass off your victories as luck and move on to lighter games letting them know that you’re just an average gambler.

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