Casino ads now allowed by NFL

The NFL has eventually given into allowing state licensed gambling firms and casinos to promote themselves via advertisements. The teams competing in the league are now allowed feature gambling related ads, for a minimum of two seasons from now.

However, NFL has restricted the appearance of these ads. They can only be aired in the inner concourses and upper bowl of the teams’ respective stadiums, on local radio shows and in-game broadcasts.

A number of team owners’ meetings took place in March, which involved heavy debating on how various other sports tackled the issue of airing gambling ads. After surveying all the 32 franchisees, analyzing the possible effects of the legislative developments on gambling that have come across of late and a lot of fan researching, the NFL brought to all the 32 teams’ notice that gambling related advertising would be allowed, although on a limited basis.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, however, made it absolutely clear that NFL still stands firm in its opposition towards gambling on the results of the league’s matches. Acceptance of casino ads in a limited manner is in no way meant to reflect a change of mind on the part of the NFL.

Earlier, the 32 participating teams were allowed to advertise for off track betting bodies, municipal lottery and dog and horse race tracks, considering that these did not offer any betting scheme on any actual sporting event. Advertising for the city of Las Vegas was permitted, however, casino or gambling depictions and references were strictly barred.  It was made clear that the lottery offers were not to be related to any sporting event while getting into sponsorship deals with municipal lotteries. Other than dog and horse races, the advertising of any sports event is prohibited. The teams are restricted from selling any program sponsorships or naming rights to any gambling body or casino.

Apart from this, all aired advertisements must contain a mandatory message pertaining to responsible gambling. Also, the casinos/gambling establishments must, as a rule, must impart monetary funding towards the NFL’s gambling education program and other related curriculums.

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