Craps Strategy and Bankroll Management

Paying a good game of Craps will have to involve both strategy and bankroll management. Here is a brief explanation of both:

The most important thing to remember in optimal strategy techniques is that you don’t play the ‘don’t come’ or ‘don’t pass’ bet. Instead, play pass or come bets that give you an edge. An edge is measured by the odds stacked against the player or the house. You need to consider the house edge first. When it comes to pass or come bets, the odds need to be stacked against the house to minimize your loss. While making pass bets, support them by making odd bets. Make place number bets on 6 and 8. These are bets placed on 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 and you win if any of these numbers come up before 7 on the die.

When it comes to the don’t come or don’t pass bets, the house edge is lower than that of the pass bets. This is because the houses odds are related to your bet taking odds. So these bets should preferably be taken by big players. An experienced player taking a don’t pass bet, lessens the house edge. All of this shows that the best way to play craps is to be able to analyze the house edge.

Craps happens to be the only game where the house edge is quite low and if you lose, you lose only 0.1% of your investment and the house will just take the 0.1%.

Then there is Bankroll Management. You need to learn to spend wisely and stick with a strategy. Set a limit before you start playing and once you reach that, stop. Don’t try to break even because that might put you in even deeper debt.

Though it might be hard to quite when you’re winning, get out while you’re still ahead. You might have an edge right now but in the long run, the house will gain edge.

Do not be swayed by the crowd and noise around you, stay calm and try to make rational decisions. Don’t let them talk you into taking bigger bets. The important thing to remember is to that you need to go home with money, even if you’ve faced losses continuously.

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