Introduction to Online Craps: Rules of the Game

Craps is a very popular casino game. It is basically a dice game which is very exciting when played in offline casinos but is also a popular online game. The game involves the players to shout and yell at the gambling table placing about a hundred different kinds of bets. Craps is played with two dice on a table specially built for the game. The two dice that are used are designed and manufactured on certain standards. They undergo regular inspection to check if the dice have undergone any damage. A routine check would help reduce the damage and increase the durability of the dice. A new set of dice are used after the existing dice have been used for a period of 8 hours. All the players are instructed to handle the dice with care.

As in every game, there are certain rules and instructions regarding the handling of the dice and how craps is played. The table consists of basically four people who run the game. A boxman, stickman and two dealers on either side of the table consist of the casino crew. When the dice is thrown it is to be handled by a single hand and it must hit the walls on the table’s opposite end. The throwing of the dice is inspected by the stickman before every shooter has a go at rolling the dice. The table can accommodate 20 players who can throw the dice in his/her turn. A bet will be placed on the thrower by another player who doesn’t wish to throw and usually there are a number of bets placed around the table. The players place bet on the numbers that are shown from rolling the dice.

A new game starts when an initial betting round called the Come Out roll is made. When the winning roll of the previous thrower is in vain, a Come Out roll is made. This implies that the shooter has failed to make a Point or Seven Out. The subsequent shooter starts a new game and if he/she is not able to make a point then a new Come Out roll is made.  The player who is to the left of the current shooter will be the new shooter. Thus the game progresses in a clockwise fashion around the Craps table.

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