Roulette Etiquettes That You Must Never Forget

A casino game which is popular among the amateurs as well as the professionals, roulette is one table in a casino which is crowded by people at all times. Since it requires physical presence, it also requires a few basic etiquettes to be followed by everyone. Like every other social interaction, a roulette table too expects people to observe social courtesy. You must be careful about other people’s entertainment while taking care of yours. Just like you wouldn’t want people screaming in your ear, others too would want a jovial yet calm atmosphere.  Also, you must make sure that you don’t step on people’s toes, literally. In a gist, roulette etiquette includes having fun and letting others have fun.

The special color-coded chips that you get when you participate in a roulette table are solely yours and exchanging or interchanging them is prohibited. For instance, you cannot club your chips with those of your friends’ or family’s to form a bet. Keep in mind that when on a roulette table, you’re on your own. Therefore, you should always keep a check on your finances since you’ll be responsible for your own.

Another important roulette etiquette is listening to the dealer. When you bet, you get almost a minute to place your chips on the roulette table and the game requires you to stop the moment dealers announces, ‘no more bets’. Once the hooter goes, keep your chips to yourself and don’t insist on placing them on the table thereafter. After the dealer spins the wheel and the ball stops into a particular slot, he places a marker beside it so that he can pay the bets to the winning players. You must never touch the chips in between this spin and pay-out time. This may render you as a cheater, thereby probably shunning you off the game or perhaps even the casino.

One of the roulette etiquette is your dealing with the dealer. After the dealer serves your bets all along the game, you are left with a choice whether or not to give him a tip. When you’re on a winning streak, a tip is expected and should be given. Otherwise, it may be your will. However, if the dealer has been nice to you throughout the game, he deserves some tip. Eventually it’s the casino that gets rich and richer; the dealer is only a daily wage earner.

While a basic etiquette is something that you should carry along with you wherever you go, roulette etiquette only demands a little more courtesy and understanding of the concept of the roulette table.




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