Turning pro at No Limit Texas Hold’em

Becoming a pro at No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker means that you would be making a living out of playing poker. It might sound great but there are some things that need to be thought about. Playing pro is a full time thing so you’ll want to treat it with the seriousness that you’d give any other job.

It is has been predicted that only 10% of poker players are as good as they think they are. Make sure you are not overestimating your skills before you decide to turn pro as there is a lot that you can lose.

Playing for fun is alright. But when it comes to turning pro, it becomes more than something you do for fun. It becomes a full time activity and you need to give it your best every time. You can’t afford to lose as much and the situation is more serious if you have a family dependant on you and other commitments. You will also need to play according to a schedule and it no longer is a leisure activity which might take out all the fun.

But then again, if you do not have any commitments and are quite young, which is the best time to try out going pro at poker as you can afford to make mistakes, than go ahead. Since you still have plenty of time to try out new things, than its safe to play within a limit, but do make sure you have backup options to pay for necessities.

Things like strict internet gambling regulations, alleged cheating on gambling sites and general loss of interest among amateur players have left none but the toughest for you to play against, making things harder for you.

Whichever poker game you choose to play, it is best to know more about it than the other players. If you are good at a game, you may be asked to join high stake games where you will have to display an array of poker skills, so knowledge can come in handy.

Be honest with yourself, be disciplined. Keep a record of the games you’ve played, the ones you’ve lost and the ones you’ve won. If you’ve won quite a few, then it’s safe to try going pro.

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