What To Do If You’re On A Tilt

Poker is a game played and won through several means, them being your strengths or another player weakness. A ‘tilt’ or a bad move on the part of a player because he/she happens to be emotionally upset is one way you can take advantage of the game. A player can be on a tilt for various reasons, like when another player is being obnoxious, loud and just plain annoying or because an opponent hit a miracle card when they had a winning hand. The incident could upset the player bad enough that the player enters the pot with weaker hands or even makes bets when the odds are against it.

It is important that you realize it if you are on a tilt and try to get out of it as soon as possible before an opponent takes advantage of it. There are lots of things you can do to clear your head if you are on a tilt, learning to suppress your emotions being the best of them. You can take a walk, the fresh air could help clear your head, or if you find that you can’t control your emotions, it would be best if you just quit the game. Try out different things and find out what works best for you. If you’re not sure if you’re playing on a tilt, keep a record of how you play poker games. If you are thinking of playing with a weaker hand, you might be in one. Keeping a record of your games can also help in identifying whether an opponent is on a tilt or not.

When you are trying to take advantage of an opponent in a tilt remember that he/she could be faking it, a common method of deception employed by experienced players. Players on a tilt are often unpredictable, like when it comes to their starting hand. The most common way to tell is when a player enters the pot with a weak hand. The player could realize that they are on a tilt and get out of it any second. It is also important that you remain alert and not play weak hands when an opponent is on a tilt, a common mistake that players do when they are trying to take advantage of another player. 



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